Third-party contracts: Get the right people in the right seats with the right infrastructure

The HME industry is buzzing about payer relations and how to penetrate the third-party payer market as a way to stay diversified and sustainable.

Are you searching for personnel to handle payer relations and contract sales? Are you focused on securing the most efficient workflow to shrink the third party order-to-cash timeframe? 

HME industry consultant Miriam Lieber will discuss what it takes to shore up your business for the growing third-party payer market—everything from your HR through to your collections needs.

She’ll also discuss how to scale this part of your business, once you have a system in place.

Attend this webinar to learn best practices and HME provider success stories. 


Miriam Lieber, Lieber Consulting LLC


Liz Beaulieu, HME News