Summit Talks: 12th annual HME News/VGM Group Financial Benchmarking Survey

Due to the cancellation of this year’s HME News Business Summit, we are sharing and analyzing the results of this year’s HME News/VGM Group Financial Benchmarking Survey in this first-of-its-kind webcast. 

Thanks to our partnership with VGM, we had an increased number of responses to this year’s survey. 

Attend this webcast to see how your company stacks up against your peers in everything from net revenues to DSO to employee expenses. 

Mark Higley of VGM and Rick Glass of Steven Richards & Associates will first walk participants through macro trends that are relative to the demand for HME.

Then they will: 

• Dive into the results of the survey; 
• Identify trends and discuss assumptions derived from the results of the survey; and 
• Use the results of the survey to help you compare and contrast your company to your peers 


Rick Glass, president and founder, Steven Richards & Associates 
Mark Higley, vice president of regulatory affairs, VGM Group


Liz Beaulieu, editor, HME News