Get Ready for Mandatory Prior Auth of Support Surfaces

Now’s the time to develop and deploy an authorization process that improves patient outcomes and provides value to referral sources. Beginning in July 2019, Medicare will incorporate five HCPCS for Group Two support surfaces into its mandatory prior authorization program. By October, all Medicare suppliers are required, as a condition of payment, to secure approval in advance of delivery.

The stakes are significant. A failed authorization can delay equipment setups by as many as 20 business days! Patients needing pressure support cannot afford to wait.

To take advantage of the benefits and avoid the pitfalls of prior authorization, suppliers must build processes. 

Join this interactive webinar to learn how to:

  •    Prepare authorization requests for normal and expedited determinations.
  •    Evaluate documentation for required coverage conditions.
  •    Use historical review findings to identify documentation errors that jeopardize approvals.
  •    Develop education plans for referral sources.

As always, attendees participate directly in an informative Q&A with Andrea and receive a digital recording of the entire event.


Andrea Stark, Miravista LLC


Liz Beaulieu, HME News