Competitive Bid 2021—It’s Go Time

CMS’s March press release makes it clear: The next round of competitive bidding is back on the launch pad and ready for take-off. Time to roll up your sleeves.

The bid process: Is it truly simplified?

Ventilators: They’re in, but will they stay in?

Lead-item pricing: Start crunching numbers.

If you have questions, and a mild-but-growing sense of panic welling up inside you over how the next round of competitive bidding impacts your business, you should join MiraVista’s Andrea Stark and HME News’ Liz Beaulieu for Competitive Bid 2021—It’s Go Time.

In this webinar, Andrea will:

·      Highlight significant items in the coming round of competitive bidding.

·      Explain how changes to the program affect bid strategy and submission.

·      Provide tips for avoiding common bid submission pitfalls that jeopardize supplier eligibility.

Liz will moderate a robust question-and-answer session to alleviate your anxiety.


Andrea Stark, Reimbursement Consultant, MiraVista


Liz Beaulieu, Editor, HME News