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Complex rehab ‘takes next step’ with new program

‘It’s time for us as a profession to have a bona fide, university level curriculum associated with what we do’

PITTSBURGH – More than anything, the University of Pittsburgh’s new Master of Rehabilitation Technology program will help to raise awareness among young professionals that specializing in assistive technology is a valid profession, says Mark Schmeler.

Build case for telehealth now

‘So six months from now, we can say, ‘This really worked well and we want it to continue’

WASHINGTON – The complex rehab industry needs to make the most of CMS’s decision to expand telehealth services during the coronavirus pandemic, says Mark Schmeler.

Join ‘the movement’ at ISS


PITTSBURGH – The theme for the 35th International Seating Symposium in Pittsburgh is “Bridging the gap between data and value.” “Five years ago, people looked at me like I had two heads when I talked about data and outcome measures in this field,” said Mark Schmeler, an a

Outcomes tool reveals trends in assistive devices

Developers call for increased participation to solidify results

ARLINGTON, Va. – More than a year after U.S. Rehab launched the Functional Mobility Assessment tool to a select group of its members, the results are in—sort of.

Rehab pavilion: Empowering professionals

Offering products, CEUs in concentrated area will draw CRT providers, clinicians

The name may have changed, but the commitment to rehab professionals is even greater at the RSTce Advancing Mobility Complex Rehab Pavilion on the Medtrade show floor, sponsors say.

U.S. Rehab gets behind outcomes tool


WATERLOO, Iowa – U.S. Rehab has negotiated an exclusive license agreement with the University of Pittsburgh to give its members access to an up-and-coming outcomes tool.

Outcomes data collection program grows


PITTSBURGH – A University of Pittsburgh tool that’s keeping track of how patient function improves from the first to second clinical visit is growing.

Tech bridges distance for mobility provider


CHEYENNE, Wyo. – When one of Michelle McMahon’s clients moved from Wyoming to Mexico and began experiencing pain, she could not simply go adjust his seating system. So he asked her if she had Skype.

HME News TV: What are the keys to complex rehab's future?


The complex rehab market has come a long way, but it still has a way to go, says Mark Schmeler in a new HME News TV interview.
"The HME industry, in general, has been kicked pretty hard and it's a matter of going back and regrouping and figuring out how we move forward," said Schmeler, a professor at the University of Pittsburgh's School of Health and Rehabilitation.

Mobility Matters hits another nail on the head

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Mobility Matters bulletin sent out yesterday by AAHomecare featured a Q&A with Mark Schmeler on the documentation process for power wheelchairs (the last bul