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Session recap: Even events need to be measured, says VGM’s Sarah Conger


ATLANTA – HME providers are almost always looking for new ways to bring customers and other prospects through their front doors, and many are turning to in-store events.

VGM, HME News join forces on benchmarking survey


WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group and HME News have partnered to administer one HME Financial Benchmarking Survey, rather than two separate surveys.

Billing: Get back to basics

Q. The industry focus has changed due to lower reimbursements, stringent documentation requirements, and working with a leaner staff making intake key. Can we go back to the basics of reviewing the intake process?

A. Your intake team is responsible for collecting the order, medical records and supporting documentation. If any required information is missing or inaccurate, the team must go back to the referral source to obtain the correct information and explain why it is needed.

VGM's Maria Markusen takes retail on the road



WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group is taking its new series, “Brick by brick: Retail learning workshop”—which explores the three core areas of retail: product, experience, and marketing—to 10 cities this year.

VGM launches new playbook


WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group has released its latest playbook, “Industry Snapshots: Forecasting 2018.” The free playbook includes articles on compliance, data and security, mega trends, tax bill implications and the economy.

Stakeholders seek ally in Azar

‘We just want to him to remember to come back with his commitment to Thune to look into the IFR’

WASHINGTON – The ink is barely dry on his confirmation papers, but industry stakeholders are ready to work with new Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar.

VGM calls for Heartland speakers


WATERLOO, Iowa – VGM is now accepting proposals for its 17th annual Heartland Conference, slated for June 19-21.

Patient Data; Generate new revenue streams

Q. How can I market to existing patients?

A. HME providers work with hundreds of thousands of patients every year, helping to better manage illness, and for seniors, provide the ability to age comfortably at home.

Cybersecurity: Is your business at risk?


While data breaches at large businesses such as Equifax, Target, Anthem, Yahoo and major health systems often make the headlines, the majority of data breaches affect small businesses.

Provider Gary Sheehan named Homecare Champion


ATLANTA – HME Provider Gary Sheehan has been named the 2017 Van Miller Homecare Champion, AAHomecare announced this week.