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Laizer Kornwasser

Remote monitoring: Embrace technology, gather data, drive value


YARMOUTH, Maine – There’s “an explosion” in remote patient monitoring and HME providers need to have a firm grasp of the market if they want to benefit from the trend, says Dr. Richard Popiel.

Human resources: Be mindful about holidays

Laizer Kornwasser

Q. Should we celebrate holidays at work?

A. During December, a common greeting heard by many employees in the United States is,“Happy Holidays.” There are millions of Americans who don’t celebrate a holiday in December, either due to not having a religious affiliation, or because their religious holiday(s) is/are observed during a different time of the year.

Human Resources: Lead by example

Q. How can I encourage feedback in our organization?

A. It’s easy to imagine the experience of a doctor’s office visit: after waiting 30 minutes to be called into an exam room, another 30 minutes pass while waiting for the doctor to finally arrive and perform their exam.

Human Resources: Obsess over customers

Q. Why does company culture matter?

A. The culture you create and the employees you hire will determine if you will be Kodak or Amazon.