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Buyers gonna buy, but with later payouts


FORT WORTH, Texas - Despite the challenges of 2020 and the havoc the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to bear on the economy, Brad Smith is bullish on the M&A market for HME. Vertess closed on four deals in the second and third quarters, and is teed up for an even busier Q4 and beyond.

The implications of AdaptHealth’s upcoming IPO

Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Following Adapt going public, will private equity-backed DME providers line up at the NASDAQ, eager to cash in their chips?

When AdaptHealth's plan to become a public company was announced in July, ears perked up throughout the HME industry. New IPO listings by DME providers are rare. That could change following Adapt’s IPO.

What is a recap anyway?


HME News asked Bradley Smith, a managing director and partner at Vertess, to explain: