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In brief: Congressional caucus on sleep, Sullivan Health’s first acquisition, telehealth expansion finalized


DARIEN, Ill. – The American Academy of Sleep Medicine has created a Congressional Sleep Health Caucus to promote healthy sleep and the importance of high-quality, patient-centered care for patients.

Medtronic launches discount program


DUBLIN - Medtronic has launched a CGM Access Discount program that allows users without insurance coverage or those who switched insurance or lost coverage to access discounted out-of-pocket costs for a Medtronic CGM.

Medtronic seeks to integrate CGM, smart pen


DUBLIN, Ireland – Although Medtronic is a leader in insulin pump technology, the majority of people with diabetes who use insulin still opt for injections—that’s why the company wants to “close the loop” for those patients.

In brief: Bid relief, first audits, new Numotion location


WASHINGTON – The HME industry’s champions in the House of Representatives have indicated that they’re still invested in securing permanent relief for rural and other non-bid suppliers, AAHomecare says.

Medtronic makes ‘strategic’ acquisition in diabetes market


DUBLIN and SAN DIEGO – Medtronic plans to acquire Companion Medical, the manufacturer of InPen, a smart insulin pen system paired with an integrated diabetes management app.

Medtronic offers pandemic assistance


DUBLIN – Medtronic has expanded its Medtronic Assurance program for U.S. customers who lose their jobs and health insurance due to COVID-19. Current eligible customers can receive a three-month supply of sensors, infusion sets and reservoirs at no cost.

Insulin pump decision could have chilling effect

By Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor

YARMOUTH, Maine – UnitedHealthcare’s recent decision to only cover insulin pumps provided by Medtronic is bad news all around, say industry stakeholders.

Medtronic, Covidien deal approved


MINNEAPOLIS – Medtronic shareholders on Tuesday approved a $43 billion dollar acquisition of Covidien.

The deal still requires approval from the High Court of Ireland, according to local newspapers.

Medtronic buys Covidien


MINNEAPOLIS and DUBLIN – Medtronic has agreed to buy Covidien in a cash-and-stock transaction valued at about $42.9 billion, the companies announced June 15.