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CMS announces contract suppliers


WASHINGTON – CMS on Nov. 21 announced the contract suppliers for off-the-shelf knee and back braces in the next step in Round 2021 of its competitive bidding program.

Déjà vu: Concerns resurface in Round 2 re-compete

As stakeholders analyze list of contract suppliers, they worry about, among other things, out-of-staters

WASHINGTON – Industry stakeholders have begun the monumental task of analyzing the newest competitive bid contract suppliers.

CMS awards 586 contracts in latest round of bidding


WASHINGTON – CMS named the contract suppliers for the Round 2 re-compete of competitive bidding at 5:02 p.m. on Thursday.

CMS briefs lawmakers on bid program

There are ‘big signs’ of problems, stakeholders say

WASHINGTON – CMS told lawmakers during a briefing on Nov. 18 that they’re investigating reports that some contract suppliers are not servicing their entire bid areas.

CMS names contract suppliers for Round 2


BALTIMORE – CMS proceeded with its competitive bidding program today by releasing the names of 799 contract suppliers for Round 2.