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competitive bidding

POC manufacturer wins six bidding contracts


GOLETA, Calif. - When most HME providers said "No thanks" to Inogen's portable oxygen concentrator, the company said, "Okay, we'll do it ourselves." The result: Inogen won competitive bidding contracts in six cities: Cleveland, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Charlotte, Dallas and Riverside.

Scooter Store sweeps wheelchair contracts in 9 CBAs

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Scooter Store announced this morning that it has accepted contracts for standard and complex power wheelchairs in each of the nine competitive bidding areas (CBAs).

*BREAKING NEWS* Media call to announce "next step" in NCB

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It could be an interesting afternoon at HME News.

We just got word that CMS has scheduled a media call today at 4:15 p.m. Even though the advisory only says the agency will discuss the "next step" in competitive bidding, an official has confirmed the winning bidders will be discussed.

Scott Marcus: Aim for at least 50% retail sales


Competitive bidding is often seen as the driver for providers to increase their retail operations. Scott Marcus, president of Catalyst Medical Marketing, sees another big reason to increase cash sales: the rapidly growing geriatric market.

Don't be afraid—be smart


A few years ago, we worked with a company that was struggling. They were slumping under the weight of reimbursement changes and operating inefficiently. Thankfully, the leadership realized that something had to give and changes needed to be made to find a way back to success. They needed to focus on core competencies and streamline operations to position themselves for the present and the future. If they didn't make substantive changes, they would fail.
That company was Invacare.

For real results, leverage HME industry's upside


But for the HME sector, the same familiar forces will be pushing against us, perhaps even harder: the pressure to cut federal spending; the idea that the flawed bidding results are suitable benchmarks for Medicare pricing; and the eagerness of federal agencies to treat HME like a commodity industry instead of a cost-effective, service-intensive sector that plays an essential role in the continuum of care.

Economist hasn't met with CMS...yet

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There were rumblings throughout the industry last week and yesterday that Pete Cramton, a University of Maryland economist who has criticized CMS's competitive bidding program, was scheduled to meet with officials from the agency yesterday (Oct. 18).

CMS gives reason for delay in releasing names of winning bidders

Thursday, October 14, 2010

This just in from the Open Door Forum this afternoon:

Michael Keane, Division of DMEPOS Competitive Bidding, Chronic Care Policy Group