Why is Medicare so


I’m not sure if you’ve seen this map of the U.S. bouncing around the Internet over the past couple of days. It’s based on Google’s auto-fill feature, where a user begins to type a question, and Google fills in the end of the question with the most common ending. 

For each state, the map-maker typed in, “Why is [state] so” to see what Google filled in the blank with. 

In Maine, where HME News is based, the most common question is “Why is Maine so white?” OK, then.  A favorite of mine: Why is Texas so big?

It got me thinking—what are common questions people might have about HME?

Some of the terms I typed in brought up no results: complex rehab, DMEPOS, DME, HME, and even home medical equipment. 

Wheelchairs brought up “Why are wheelchairs so expensive?” Same for diabetes test strips. 

Competitive bidding gets three results: 

Why is competitive bidding so important? Why is competitive bidding often considered to be counterproductive? Why is competitive bidding bad?

Interesting, huh?

But the real winner in this game is Medicare:

Why is Medicare so expensive? Why is Medicare so confusing? Why is Medicare so complicated? 

Please feel free to comment on any HME-related search results you find.


Medicare is complicated, confusing etc by design. The originators of the system wanted something in place but also wanted it to be confusing for people to use it. It is similar to commercial insurance where you need us but if you use us you will pay. You could have insurance for years and never use it but once you use it your rates going forward will increase. You get NO credit the years previously paid. Most important remember the architects of the system didn't need to use it. They had their government policy. It's convoluted and complicated mechanics were of NO consequence to them!!!