What's your bid style?


Theresa and I met last week to talk about the stories we’re working on for our upcoming August issue. Except for a quick update on bid calculators (they’ve been downloaded 4,224 times since April 24!), we don’t have much in the way of competitive bidding related news. Which is, well, unusual.

Much of the focus by stakeholders in June has been on sign-on letters in the House of Representatives (180 signers!) and the Senate (38 signers!) asking CMS to drop non-invasive ventilators from the bid program. Which is technically bid news, but we were talking more about overarching bid news, like is there any movement in getting reimbursement relief for non-bid, non-rural areas? (The bill in the House that would do just that, H.R. 2771, has 31 co-sponsors right now, by the way.)

This got Theresa and I talking about possible angles on bid stories and staring us right in the face: the bid window opening on July 16. Which got us to talking about how providers are strategizing their bids. No one’s going to talk to us about what they’re bidding (nor should they), but we’re curious about:

  • How did providers decide what product categories to bid on, and what not to bid on?
  • How did they educate themselves on the changes to the program? Did they attend the industry’s “Bid Smart Summit” in June? Did they listen to any of the various webcasts offered?
  • When are they more likely to submit their bids? At the beginning, middle or end of the bid window? Is there an advantage to one or the other? I'm especially curious about this one: What's their bid style? To be proactive? To procrastinate?
  • How did they go about formulating their bids? Did they use the bid calculators? Did they develop their own spreadsheets?

Of course, the timing of the bid window is less than stellar, as provider Regina Gillespie pointed out on twitter this week (see above).

So what’s the scoop providers, other than that you’d like to be doing something else with your summer?

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Oh, and fear not, Theresa will also have an update on H.R. 2771 in the HME Newswire on July 8!