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Earlier this month I spoke to Julie Piriano, director of rehab industry affairs for Pride Mobility Products, for an upcoming story in the October issue about ATPs, job security and consolidation. Unfortunately, due to word limits and space restrictions, Liz, Theresa and I can’t always include everything we’d like to in a story. To that end, here’s what else Julie had to say:

On specialization:

“When the SMS designation became available, there were early adopters, but we’re seeing a steady flow of individuals taking that exam to better show the public-at-large that they have the specialized skillset for seating and wheeled mobility, not just the broad scope of assistive technology, which I think is a positive move.”

On demonstrating positive outcomes:

“One trend that we're seeing is that ATPs are beginning to work with tools to show the positive outcomes that come from working with certified individuals and making the daily difference. There’s a Functional Mobility Assessment tool that’s been around for quite sometime, which demonstrates quantitatively the positive impact associated with provision of the (right) equipment.”

For more on where ATPs stand, make sure you check out "ATPs thrive amid consolidations" in the October issue of HME News!