VGM lobbies against the Scooter Store


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The VGM Group sent a letter to AAHomecare last week, urging the association to remove the Scooter Store from its Rehab and Assistive Technology Council (RATC).

"All of us here (at VGM) can see that the Scooter Store has a different agenda than the rest of the industry," said Jerry Keiderling, president of VGM's US Rehab. "The industry needs to stand together. Multiple voices and agendas on the Hill don't work."

VGM's concern revolves around a letter the Scooter Store sent to some congressional offices in December. That letter appeared to support competitive bidding, although Scooter Store CEO Doug Harrison has since said that is not exactly the case.

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Here is the letter VGM sent to AAhomecare:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

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To: AAHomecare RATC Executive Committee
Tim Pederson, RATC Chair
Seth Johnson, RATC Vice Chair
Michael Reinemer, AAH VP Communications & Policy

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As a supporting member of AAHomecare and an active participant with the Rehab and Assistive Technology Council (RATC), I feel it imperative to voice my concerns on a certain matter relating to our rehab industry as a whole.

I’m sure that you have seen the announcement by HME News of the letter writing campaign to members of Congress being conducted by The Scooter Store organization. Their message is clear and concise. Their intent is to actively and aggressively promote Competitive Bidding nationwide and include both consumer power products along with complex rehab in the bid categories. This stance clearly conflicts with the efforts of the RATC and all other industry organizations in our efforts to exempt rehab from the bidding process.

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I find it difficult to believe that having representatives of The Scooter Store within the RATC can have anything other than a negative effect on our efforts to support the industry. I would therefore ask you to reconsider the involvement of The Scooter Store representatives on this council. We need one voice carrying a single and positive message to Capital Hill. Our opposing agendas will only result in fragmented and divided efforts, leaving policy makers with a dull view of our intent.

I have attached copies of both the HME News article and a copy of a letter written by Mr. Mark Leita of The Scooter Store directed to members of Congress. Please take this under serious consideration.

I will await your reply.


Jerry Keiderling
U.S. Rehab