Trick or Treat



I can’t help myself—I’m a sucker for kids and pets. Luckily, providers seem to have the same downfall: 101 Mobility and Miller’s both made sure Halloween 2013 was stellar for local kids.

The trick for 101 Mobility: How to top last year’s Halloween

With just days to plan, 101 Mobility’s Wilmington, N.C. location helped students at Codington Elementary with costumes in time for Halloween 2012—and they were a big hit. With a year to plan for Halloween 2013, they were sure they could top last year’s success.

The idea came about when Joseph Gray, product training supervisor, and Joel Brenner, vice president of franchise operations and marketing, spotted Darth Vader and ice cream truck wheelchair costumes online. 

“I saw the little boy and ice cream truck, and I was so touched,” said Gray. “A majority of our clientele is elderly, but we like doing things for children, too.” 

This year, they went all out to create a pirate ship, a Batmobile, a bulldozer, an oceanic backdrop for a mermaid and a flower pot to turn the students’ wheelchairs and strollers into props for their Halloween costumes. One student who does not need mobility equipment got a cowgirl costume and hobbyhorse. The students then took part in a Halloween parade down the hallways, showing off their costumes.

“For a brief moment, I could see in the other students’ faces, ‘I wish that was me in that costume,’” said Gray. “These kids won our hearts over completely.”

101 Mobility donated and built the costumes—but it was up to the kids and their families to choose what they wanted to be. 

“The teacher showed a collage of photos, and was able to see which images they could not stop looking at, what had them smiling,” said Monique Williams, content supervisor at 101 Mobility. “They were obviously very excited.”

Check out a video of the parade here.

Miller’s treats local shelter to party

101 Mobility is not the only one who got in the spirit of things. The employees at Akron, Ohio-based Miller’s continued it’s spooky Halloween tradition for the fourth year, throwing a Halloween party for the children at the local Access shelter, including costumes, candy and games.

“We set up trick-or-treat stations in the hallways and put up a piñata,” said Peggy Reno, director of compliance at Miller’s. “The kids really appreciate it.”

More than 20 Millers employees attended, throwing the party for 50 children. 

Reno provided face painting—with footballs and hearts topping the children’s wish lists, as well as ghosts, pumpkins and spiders.

Through special fundraisers like cake walks and spaghetti suppers, as well as paying for dress-down days, Miller’s employees throw the Halloween party and sponsor families at Christmas. 

Why contribute so much time and effort?

“We believe in giving back to the community,” said Reno.