SSG Dillmann's completely accessible home


I don’t know who makes the videos for 101 Mobility, but they are beautiful. 

You guys probably remember the video they posted when the company helped create Halloween costumes for children who use wheelchairs. 

This week, 101 Mobility sent me a video about Army Staff Sergeant Alex Dillmann, who was injured during his second deployment to Afghanistan and became paralyzed from the chest down.

National nonprofit Homes for Our Troops—an organization dedicated to making sure that severely injured veterans like Alex get the specially adaptive homes they need—called on 101 Mobility to take part in a plan to build a completely accessible home. HME News got a head’s up that this was going on and ran a note about it in last month’s issue. 

I was glad to see an update this week from 101 Mobility: SSG Dillmann and his wife now have their home, after what sounds like an extensive build.

The universally designed home’s construction began in January 2013 and was successfully completed in December 2013 thanks to hard work and generous donations from countless volunteers, local contractors such as Aziz Construction, and accessibility equipment providers like Mowen, Harmar, and 101 Mobility. Dennis Clouser, owner of 101 Mobility Tampa, says SSG Dillmann deserves the very best. “What we’re doing for him just seems so minor compared to what he’s done for us,” he said.

Trust me: Watch this video.