Smile, it's Diabetes Awareness Month


November gives me  an excuse to climb up on my diabetes soapbox and blog (as if I needed one, already!).

That's because November is Diabetes Awareness Month and I've seen countless posts, promotions and projects aimed at raising awareness. For the record, I find the "take the T1D for a day text challenge" the most intriguing. Hmmm, maybe I should take it and see how it compares to the real deal.

This week, we learned that Arriva had bought Diabetes Care Club. As one of the analysts I spoke with about the deal told me, the competitive bidding program has reduced diabetes supplies to such a commodity that, 1. mail order on a large scale is the only way to work with those prices, and 2. for providers who really like to work with people—and I'm not saying Arriva doesn't—it's no fun to just pack and ship.

That's too bad, because folks can always use a little encouragement along the way. If that goes away, it's a great disservice to the folks that depend on meter advice, or, for some folks, I imagine, a friendly voice on the phone. Stay tuned to see how much more this market condenses.

A final point to this disjointed blog: My favorite headline (actually, police blotter heading) this week: $2100 of Dental Whitestrips & Diabetic Supplies stolen.

Good health and a gleaming smile are important.

Theresa Flaherty