Seeing wheelchairs in a new light


So I'm working on a story about a mobility specialist named Tom Rapp. It's an interesting story: In June, Rapp will begin selling lighting systems for power wheelchairs on his new Web site,, to improve their safety and style. I met Rapp at the HME Exposition & Conference in April. He was riding around in a tricked out wheelchair; he was hard to miss. Rapp hopes rehab providers will see the systems, whose installation he describes as “click and play,” as cash items to supplement their power wheelchair sales. The provider he works for, Pro Rehab in Rochester, N.Y., will be one of them. “They have great marketing potential,” Rapp said. “Providers could light up chairs and put them in their storefront windows.” Now that's seeing wheelchairs in a new light.

Liz Beaulieu


Interesting. Most of the major (including US) wheelchair manufacturers already equip European wheelchairs with some pretty sophisticated lighting systems.

It's about time - good initiative.

Hi, interest post. I'll write you later about few questions!