Roll Call: A second helping of HME


The HME industry received more exposure in Roll Call, a popular inside-the-beltway publication, this week (It published an ad from The VGM Group

in June). On July 6, Roll Call published an editorial from AAHomecare CEO and President Tyler Wilson that argues that HME should be spared as Congress looks for ways to pay for healthcare reform. Why? Because it's cost-effective and patient-preferred, that's why. I've noticed, lately, the industry's efforts to spin the $7,000 figure that lawmakers love to throw around when discussing oxygen concentrators that cost $600. Wilson writes:

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Most home medical equipment costs just dollars a day. The cost of providing the equipment and service for home oxygen, for example, is less than $7 per day under Medicare.

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Compare that to the average daily cost of about $200 for a nursing facility and more than $5,000 per day for a hospital stay under Medicare.

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And the key word in Wilson's comment is SERVICE. It's not just about equipment cost folks.