RATC to CMS: Drop repair policy


AAHomecare's Rehab and Assistive Technology Council (RATC) submitted comments to the DME MAC medical directors this week, asking them to drop their new billing policy for wheelchair repairs. Under the policy, which went into effect April 1, providers must bill for repairs using standardized labor times. For example: With each allowed unit of service representing 15 minutes of slabor, they must now bill only two units to repair or replace a battery on any power wheelchair.

The policy has resulted in an "almost 50% reduction in coverage for labor from previous levels," according to the RATC.

In the letter, the RATC takes the medical directors to task for not putting out the policy for public comment. It also charges that the policy is a coverage determination, not a payment determination.

We'll have more in our NewsWire on Monday.

Liz Beaulieu