New York Times strikes again


The New York Times published a column today, "High Medicare Costs, Courtesy of Congress," that admonishes Congress for trying to delay national competitive bidding. The author, David Leonhardt, sends more than a few zingers the HME industry's way. Here are a few:

*For years, Congress has set the price for walkers and various medical equipment, and it has consistently set them well above the market rate, effectively handing out a few hundred million dollars of corporate welfare every year to the equipment makers.

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*So what about the equipment makers’ various complaints? On close inspection, they’re pretty flimsy. My favorite is the notion that the new rule will force some companies to go out of business — which, indeed, it may. That’s sort of the point. After all, should taxpayers really be propping up any equipment makers whose survival depends on artificially inflated prices?

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to read the column.

While the industry has made significant progress convincing Congress that competitive bidding's a program gone bad, it still has a lot of work to do to convince some members and the public, as a whole, that they're a value, not an expense, to the healthcare system.

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