More reason to worry about healthcare reform


If you aren't already worried and concerned about how healthcare reform is being carried out in Washington, you will after reading Congressman Randy Forbes

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(R-Va.) take on this issue.

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Forbes goes to the heart of my own fear when it comes to healthcare reform. That, as the congressman writes, "Some politicians in Washington are convinced that they are smart enough to engineer more efficient medical practices out of D.C. The irony, though, is that the only thing more bureaucratic and inefficient than our current healthcare system is the federal government."

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Hard to argue with that.

Oh, yeah. When it comes to the U.S. healthcare system and durable medical equipment, here's what Forbes had to say:

"The system is controlled by politics: even tweaking a fee schedule is the equivalent to the closing of a military base to the hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, and durable medical equipment suppliers who rely on the system."

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