Invacare drops out of Medtrade


Here's some big news from Invacare. The industry giant announced this morning (Nov. 15) that it will not exhibit at either Medtrade Spring or the fall Medtrade show next year. Invacare's announement comes about six weeks after Permobil

announced that it will not exhibit at the Medtrade shows in 2008.

Here's the text of the Invacare release:

Lifted download ELYRIA, Ohio – Invacare's HME division announced today its trade show plans for 2008. The company’s HME division will shift its resources from a key focus on one or two trade shows to a broader focus on specialized trade shows and more customer-oriented training activities.

“Over the past several years, the HME industry has changed and so have the needs of our customers. We have had to evolve our product selections and services to better meet those needs, and now our trade show plans for 2008 reflect the new business model as well,” said Carl Will, group vice president, HME division.

buy Tall in the Saddle With this new strategic focus, Invacare’s HME division will not participate in the Medtrade shows next year. Instead, the division has realigned its resources with a broader focus that will have the following three (3) main components:

Invacare is actively involved in Washington, D.C., but realizes that it cannot be successful without the support of providers.

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“All politics is local, and more providers need to get out there and start talking with their own Representatives and Senators. This is a critical time in our industry, and we need the participation of everyone involved,” said A. Malachi Mixon, III, chairman and chief executive officer.

To support that cause, Invacare’s HME division will put even greater emphasis on supporting state and regional provider associations. The division and its local sales representatives will be highly involved in educating and promoting those organizations.

Invacare’s HME division also will support the industry through participation in specialized shows, such as rehab and respiratory focused trade shows. It is very important to educate therapists and clinicians about the benefits of home medical equipment.

The HME Division will further improve its education for customers. This includes training and development on new products, services, competitive bidding, improving operation costs and more.

The HME division will continue to roll out information as it develops its new strategy.

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