I beg to differ


Here is my response to an email I received this morning from an outraged HME provider:

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Dear Brett,

Thanks for writing but I totally disagree with you. There is nothing irresponsible about the headline “Fraud called ‘easy to get away with’ that appeared on the front page of our October issue. It’s the truth.

Father and Scout movie DME fraud is way too easy to get away with, as the providers in the story point out, and it is not the industry’s fault. It is CMS’s fault. CMS has the tools to keep maybe not all but a great many fraudulent providers from participating in the Medicare program. Instead, CMS continues to crack down on the industry in the name of fraud and abuse, inflicting a ton pain on innocent HMEs, when the real culprit is CMS itself. This is a travesty.

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The headline refers to the fact that providers believe DME fraud is too easy to get away with and that CMS is at fault for letting this happen.

CMS has done the industry a terrible injustice and has never been held accountable. What’s worse: this is an ugly pattern of behavior. For example, no heads rolled after Wheeler Dealer; CMS simply deflected the blame from itself and imposed all kinds of new regulations on providers of power wheelchairs. They are doing the same thing with fraud and abuse. There are numerous other examples.

You have a right to be sickened, but not by the headline: by CMS.

If I haven’t changed your mind, I hope we can agree to disagree on this issue. Everything we do here at HME News is an effort to keep providers informed and, where possible, serve as an industry advocate.



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