Hey Medtrade, what's your type?


Today, while hanging at the HME News booth (1755), I had the pleasure of meeting someone who reads my blogs.

“Hi Theresa, you’re the Type 1 of the group, aren’t you?”

I almost said, “No, that’s Liz” before I realized he meant Type 1 as in diabetes, not Type A as in, uh, personality.

Turns out his daughter has Type 1, so he can relate.

When I told Liz this story, she immediately had the same confusion.

“What! That’s not you!”

Great minds think alike, even when they think wrong.

Anyhow, it was a good first day on the show floor. In a rare change of pace, both Liz and I got to hang out at the HME News booth (did I mention it’s number 1755?) for about an hour in the middle of the day.

That’s because, like the unsuspecting fly that hovers too close to the hungry frog, we were both trying to snag unsuspecting providers for a quote, and in Liz’s case, photos for question of the day.

There are several types of providers who attend Medtrade. Newbies, old timers, the positive and the occasional pessimist, to name a few. I talked to two first timers to the show, and I know Liz talked to a brand new provider. It always amazes me the optimism folks display about this industry.

I also spoke to a provider who flew in from Anchorage, Alaska. All together, her journey took about 16 hours, she told me. She said it’s been worth the trip.

For those of you that are old hat to Medtrade, you’ll know we will be putting out Show Dailies—I just shipped tomorrow’s edition to the printer. Look for it when you arrive at the exhibit hall Wednesday morning.

We’ll be heading to the AAHomecare Stand Up Reception shortly (I am not looking forward to the schlep across the Georgia World Congress), but it will make my dietician to know I am forced to walk thousands of steps every day. I am already at 7,330 for today.

See you tonight? Or maybe at the booth tomorrow or Thursday. And yes, I’ll be looking for more quotes. Don’t forget, it’s booth 1755.