Friendly reminder


As industry stakeholders make another go today at lobbying lawmakers to delay or repeal national competitive bidding as part of AAHomecare's fly-in, here's a friendly reminder from industry consultant Vince Crew:

"Everyone is so consumed with competitive bidding, but I'm telling people they need to refocus on the business of doing business," he said. "Yes, they have this wrinkle called competitive bidding, but are they keeping their employees energized? Are they thinking about their product mix?"

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The likely response from providers (and Crew has heard this a lot): "But if we don't deal with competitive bidding, we're not going to be in business."

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No one's saying providers should ignore competitive bidding or the corresponding industry lobbying efforts. But they can't fight for the industry at the expense of their businesses.

"Wouldn't it be nice," Crew asked, "if running their businesses could distract providers from competitive bidding?"