Congratulations! You made it out of bed this morning!


"What's the congratulations for?" my coworker, Jo, asked me this morning.

"What congratulations?"

"Didn't I just hear Heather say 'congratulations?'"

"She may have said 'congratulations' (personally, I don't think she did) but it wasn't to me," I said. "And now I feel bad. I want someone to congratulate me for something."

But as I was tooling around on twitter for blog inspiration, I did find a congratulations of sorts. Today is World Diabetes Day (insert awareness comments here). @gingerviera tweeted, from some sort of chat, I think: Are you aware of how AWESOME you are for simply waking up and facing diabetes every single day? Are YOU? Really? 

I never thought of it like that. Let me review my day so far. Got out of bed only slightly late after a restless night that had me checking my sugar at 3 am (it was fine).

Checked my sugar upon waking (too high). Healthy breakfast (oatmeal/skim milk). Remembered to grab my lunch (salad, homemade white bean chicken chili). I don't even like the chili but I made it and it's not inedible. Got gifted with dakon radishes (thanks, Liz!). Ate a tiny piece of "gooey" cinnamon square (uh, thanks, Liz?). Needless to say my numbers did not go down after that.

Dropped big, balsamic-coated lettuce leaf on the pants I just pulled out of the dryer this morning. Sigh.

In other words, a pretty normal day. So yeah, I guess I am pretty awesome just for waking up today. Thanks for the comments.

That's certainly balancing my horoscope by the way: 

Safety should be your primary concern today -- even more so than usual! It's a good time for you to check fire alarms, ask the right questions of landlords and others and just keep your eyes open.

If you are a Capricorn, proceed with caution.

Theresa Flaherty
Type 1