The big sticking point of my new meter


Providers are always talking about how beneficiaries have trouble learning new things or are resistant to new brands. I am no Medicare beneficiary (though I still can't get off the darn AARP mailing lists) and I have many times, while not scoffing at this notion, said of learning a new meter,  "it's not rocket science."

Well. A few weeks ago I picked up my new Freestyle meter and strips from my local pharmacy. The switch is solely because it's the preferred brand of the insurer's, but it's still a top brand with the features I demand (I sound like a commercial). I have twice opened up the box with the meter and twice stuffed it back into the box and back into the diabetes basket under my dresser (if only I could actually stuff my diabetes in that basket). It's not the meter, it's the stupid lancing device that has proved the sticking point. It has two separate pieces that look like they cover the lancet but I can't figure out how to make them fit.

Now granted, I haven't tried too hard, and it's not in my nature to read(yawn) instructions. The second time I tried it was because I realized I had left my meter at the office and needed to check my sugar. I was so irritated that this wasn't as simple as I thought it should be that I broke out the meter I inherited from Big Ed (alas, I only inherited one vial of strips from him).

But, I am getting near the end of my supply of One Touch strips and it's time to retire the meter and make the switch already.

I hate change.

Theresa Flaherty, Type 1