VGM hosts bid eval webcast

Friday, December 6, 2019

WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group’s Mark Higley and Ronda Buhrmester are hosting a webcast on Dec. 11 on the preliminary bid evaluation (PBE) notices that providers received Dec. 3.

They will discuss issues and concerns with the PBEs, as well as frequently asked questions.

“VGM recognizes there are some critical issues and perhaps some confusion,” a bulletin states. “Many are misinterpreting Table 1 as a list of issues applicable to the bidding number referenced. It is not. Table 1 is equivalent to a ‘reference guide’ and was intended to inform all bidding entities of the various review items within the PBE.”

Providers should focus their attention on “Table 2” for missing or possibly incorrectly entered items.

The PBE notices are the last item on CMS’s timeline for Round 2021 until the announcement of the single payment amounts in the summer.

To attend the webcast, which is live at 1:30 CST, dial by phone 773-231-9226 (ID: 148 491 5439) or login by computer at