Scooter Store CEO resigns

Thursday, March 22, 2012

NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas - Doug Harrison, founder and CEO of The Scooter Store, has resigned, effective immediately, the company announced today.

Harrison resigned to "pursue other interests," the company stated in a press release.

Board member J. Randall Bishop will serve as interim CEO.

"Over the past 21 years, Doug Harrison built The Scooter Store into one of the most recognized and respected brands in the industry, with a reputation for quality products, a presence in practically every state, and a powerful employee culture," stated Bishop. "In order to continue to build value and drive growth for the company, Harrison and the Board have decided that this is the right time to make a leadership change."

Today's news is not the first high-level management shake-up this year. In January, chief financial officer Tom Shaw and chief sales officer Mike Pfister both left the company.

Harrison founded The Scooter Store in 1991. He will remain with the company as a member of the board of directors and one of its largest shareholders. 

Bishop, a board member since 2011, has served as CFO and other financial leadership positions at leading companies, including US Electrical Services Inc., Ernst & Young and Cameron & Barkley Company.

The company stated it expects the transition to Bishop's leadership to be "very smooth."




Good, it's the beginning of the end for this self-righteous company. May all of the honest providers now prosper and provide mobility to those who really need it, not just to make a sale.

I know that The Scooter Store has had its problems, but Doug did start this out to be a good, honest company. He has done a lot for disabled and elderly folks. I actually don't thing TSS will survive these new changes and with the equity firms now in place, things may change quickly. I predict that much of the business will be sold and/or merged with other companies. It only makes sense now. I wish Mr. Harrison luck. He is still respected in the south Texas area.

Doug is a great guy and is very respected in New Braunfels and at The Scooter Store. He has changed lives, not only with elders but also the people of New Braunfels. Thanks Doug!! Good luck with your new adventures.

I agree with Local Input- this is a sad day. I believe Mr. Harrison has always had the best of intentions. I wish him all the best.

Mister Fraud, <br />
<br />
Some where, some place, a village is missing its idiot. Please go back home.

Doug Harrison has done what most of us have not- from a tiny little store, doing deliveries himself- he built a national company that helps people. A company built on good values and respect for its employees. The company will live on to carry on his legacy.

1. Medicare treats high utilization of any code as a crime.<br />
2. The Scooter Store, more than anyone else, is responsible for the high utilization of the K0823 code nationally.<br />
3. If the Scooter Store goes bankrupt at some point then utilization of the K0823 code will drop dramatically.<br />
4. If national utilization drops dramatically then CMS will start looking for other codes to attack providers over.<br />
<br />
For all of these reasons, I hope the Scooter Store goes out of business soon. It is the only chance the other providers have of staying in business.

Very strange.... what&#39;s going on there. The CFO and the CSO leave and then Doug resigns from HIS company, effective immediately... something doesn&#39;t smell right to me....

Actually it&#39;s very simple. A private equity firm put in hundreds of millions of dollars. TSS is hemoraging cash. I am sure certain default triggers have been tripped and they are cleaning house of upper management. But you cannot say that so we get these vague explanations about pursuing other opportunities. Or at least that is my theory.

I&#39;m not sure saying Doug resigned to pursue other interests was the best solution. Everyone knows that this means "fired" by the board and equity firm. Doug is the face of The Scooter Store and when you see him, you think of the Scooter Store. They should have said that Doug relinquished his CEO duties to focus on his role as spokesman and founder of The Scooter Store. Keep his name and face in place, but let someone else run the business. Everyone wins. Doing it the way they did says &#39;We&#39;ve got big problems at TSS&#39;. This may/will be the ultimate demise of the company

Mr. Fraud,<br />
I have to believe that you truly don&#39;t mean what you said. I don&#39;t think you have any idea what TSS does or did, b/c if you did you would know that every employee works hard to "provide freedom and independence to people with limited mobility!" I personally know a little something about the company, b/c I have worked there and I know the many, many fights for beneficiaries/customers that have been faught. Mr. Fraud, do you know how many employees work for TSS? Do you know how many lives will be affected by this? I have to believe that you have thought past your own self, right? God bless you and may God continue to bless the mission for freedom and independence.

Doug&#39;s departure is only as CEO, he still has a large portion of ownership in the company and will still be on the board. The company is going to change drastically soon and I wonder if he felt it was in the company&#39;s best interest to let someone else lead those changes, but I don&#39;t see it going away. This is the end of an era but certainly not the end of The Scooter Store. Don&#39;t forget about all the ongoing service this company provides, to many who didn&#39;t get their equipment originally from TSS, at a volume level that the competition could and would not handle. They might be selling a ton of product, but they certainly didn&#39;t create the disabled or unhealthy customers needing their products.

About time!<br />
The investors did what CMS was unable to do. Get rid of an industry cancer. Doug Harrison&#39;s company fabricated medical documentation that did NOT accurately reflect the patients medical conditon. I do not agree with Medicare&#39;s policy regarding the in home rule but we need to follow the rules. It does not give any provider the right to knowingly defraud the taxpayer. Maybe you all forgot- Harrison has been in legal trouble previously. He already paid Medicare back millions under the Medicare false claims act and paid personal fines. <br />
see the Department Of Justice 2007 release<br />
He is NO savior of the disabled he did this purely out of unvarnished greed. <br />
If everyone got together and worked with CMS to change the in home restriction then that would be a positive change for people requiring powered mobility. Not one company stealing from the taxpayers pockets!

I&#39;ve read all the comments so far and this is just my opinion, for what it&#39;s worth: Doug Harrison resigning so suddenly does seem a bit odd and I believe this will result in both harm and good, whether you&#39;re an employee of TSS or a Medicare beneficiary. TSS&#39;s intentions may have been to improve the quality of lives, but everyone in the DME world knows it&#39;s being done the wrong way; that is, against the rules Medicare has set forth for PMD qualification. I&#39;ve seen the TSS documents cross my desk so I know what I&#39;m talking about--which often happened due to insurance changes. On the other hand, TSS also provides almost 3,000 jobs in the U.S. so if TSS crumbles I can only pray that those who lose their employment are able to carry on with another supplier or find jobs in other fields. And, the many beneficiary&#39;s out their who are still in need of powered mobility will find out just how difficult it really is to qualify. Bottom line is, this was bound to hit TSS, good intentions or not, and Doug, of all people I think, saw this coming. It&#39;s just too coincidental that Doug resigns right before Medicare plans to implement the prior authorization demonstration<br />
--with one of the states being Texas.

Perhaps an editor can comment on why Doug Harrison&#39;s resignation didn&#39;t make the April paper copy of HME News? Was there no story in the CEO of the largest power mobility provider resigning/being terminated? Surely the editors there saw the blatant contradiction within the scooter stores press release??<br />
There&#39;s a big story that I&#39;m sure many would be interested in reading but all it received was two very minor web site articles. Should we be questioning the the integrity of HME News that their advertisers don&#39;t need to be investigated and that HME News will only print their press releases?