Round 2021: CBIC seeks ‘substantiation’ letters, CMS solicits comments on communication

Thursday, November 7, 2019

WASHINGTON –The Competitive Bidding Implementation Contractor has sent notices to bidders asking them to substantiate their bids, VGM reports.

Most or all bidders in the non-invasive vents category have received requests, which ask bidders to ensure they are able to furnish the items to beneficiaries with a profit at the rate they bid.

Failure to respond, or if the information provided does not support the bid, will result in disqualification.

Providers who receive requests must provide a narrative that explains how they arrived at their bid amount, including product cost, indirect costs, anticipated utilization of non-lead items and desired profit; and supporting documentation, including invoices, receipts, letters of intent from manufacturers and wholesalers, manufacturer price lists and signed written quotes.

The deadline to respond is Nov. 14.

Bid survey

CMS is accepting comments on how to effectively communicate with referral agents, as they “play a critical role in assisting beneficiaries in obtaining competitive bid items,” said CMS officials during an Open Door Forum on Nov. 6. These comments are used to strengthen the monitoring, outreach and enforcement functions of the DMEPOS competitive bidding program. To submit a comment, email dmepos@cms.hhsgov and put “competitive bidding surveys” as the subject line. The deadline to submit comments is Dec. 20.