Numotion moves relationships 'to more of a journey,' CEO says

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

DALLAS – Numotion asked its employees to go “All In” on their commitment to improving customer experience at its National Leadership Conference in January.

The theme was borrowed from this year’s keynote speaker, Gian Paul Gonzalez, a ninth-grade world history teacher, who inspired the New York Giants to a Super Bowl victory in 2012, with the “All In” concept.

“’All In’ is way more than a lifestyle,” said CEO Mike Swinford. “It’s making sure that everybody is in alignment with where we’re trying to go.” 

This year, Numotion decided to open up the annual meeting to all employees—an enormous undertaking—so that everyone could learn, grow and be inspired together.

While more than 600 employees and 65 exhibitors attended the conference in Dallas, the meeting reached the rest of Numotion’s 2,800 employees via a live webcast. Leadership members were also onsite to facilitate local viewing parties at select locations.

“We continued to fall short at translating the energy and the excitement back in all of our locations following the meeting for all the people who didn't get to attend,” Swinford said.

Although Numotion’s customer experience goals aren’t brand new—last year the company dedicated itself to drastically reducing cycle times for processing orders and providing chairs—Swinford says it’s part of Numotion’s continued focus to do things faster, while maintaining a very local, personal and intimate connection with end users.

To make good on those promises, the company is making investments in technology and resources, including off-hours support and remote service and repair, particularly as more connected wheelchairs become available.

“We’re making sure that we’re reaching out to our customers proactively with touch points and moving the relationship to more of a journey versus a transactional relationship when our customers have a need,” said Swinford.