NAIMES issues call to action

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

WASHINGTON – NAIMES will hit Capitol Hill in two weeks to discuss concerns with the Round 2 payment amounts, the association announced today.

NAIMES has also called on HME providers to join them in this informal Lobby Day, Feb. 26-27.

On Jan. 30, CMS announced a cut of, on average, 45% for certain HME. For its national mail order diabetes program, the cut was, on average, 72%.

“Businesses and lives will be destroyed, jobs lost, and patients harmed by a program that fails to meet the Congressional mandate of ‘competitive bidding,’" stated NAIMES in a bulletin.

The association plans to hold a "Hill and Issues" briefing on Feb. 26. For more information please visit 

There is no fee for participation, but NAIMES is asking for contributions to its advocacy fund.


I don't know when DME suppliers will learn. Paying all these associations that have provided zero result in stopping issues faced by DME suppliers is not answer. I have yet to see demonstrations on capital hill and most importantly if CNN does not cover this story its not gonna happen.

I will not be giving my database of diabetic supply patients to any other supplier. I have built my business over many years to just provide my list to a bid winner. That list is my extensive and what is to keep the bid winner from offering other products. Products that I currently offer. There is no way that I am just going to hand over my database. That's NOT going to happen. How are my patients going to be checking their blood glucose levels and self administer insulin? I can see a MAJOR increase in ER visits because diabetic patients were not able to regulate their blood glucose levels properly.