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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

It is a sport played in 27 countries. Thousands of uniquely gifted athletes of all ages compete. Scores of spectators are amazed. It touches hearts and changes lives. Power Soccer, known internationally as Powerchair Football, enables power wheelchair users to pursue their dreams.

MK Battery showcased this exciting sport of skill at Medtrade 2014, where it was wholeheartedly embraced. The United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA), the not-for-profit governing body of the sport in the U.S., needs the help of the HME industry. MK Battery, now in its third year as the primary national sponsor of the organization, provides much-needed funding, public relations and other promotional support, but the USPSA has now taken on its greatest challenge yet as it prepares to host the largest scale international tournament ever. 

The USPSA, in partnership with the Federation Internationale De Powerchair Football Association (FIPFA), which Invacare has been sponsoring for many years, is proud to bring the FIPFA World Cup of Power Soccer to the United States for the first time. The tournament, which will be streamed live over the Internet, will be held July 5-9, 2017, in Kissimmee, Fla., and will bring the 10 top-ranked teams from around the world to the largest stage they’ve ever competed on. In 2007, seven countries converged on Tokyo to compete in the first-ever World Cup of Power Soccer. Team USA was victorious and then, in 2011, they won their second consecutive World Cup, this time in Paris. The 2017 team has been training since October 2014 and is eager to defend its title on home turf.

There are approximately 60 organized teams competing in the U.S. at various skill levels. Athletes’ disabilities include spinal cord injury, quadriplegia, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy. Disabled military veterans are quite active in the sport, as well. 

The look on a player’s face after a brilliant victory, or the emotional response of a parent watching a child compete, never fails to inspire and captivate all who witness the sport. Power Soccer affords those in power wheelchairs the opportunity to live their dreams of participating in a team sport, while enjoying the camaraderie and spirit of competition that had previously eluded them. 

The World Cup will take a tremendous funding effort so I urge manufacturers and providers to step up and get involved at whatever sponsorship level makes sense for their business. For the USPSA, grassroots engagement is also sought. No matter how you choose to participate, I can assure you that it will be a most meaningful experience for your organization.

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I look forward to seeing you at World Cup 2017!

—Wayne Merdinger, executive vice president & general manager, MK Battery