CMS details timeline for Round 2021

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

WASHINGTON – CMS has updated its timeline for Round 2021, including the opening of the bid window on July 16.

“The bid window was originally schedule to open in June, but in effort to provide bidders with additional time to prepare, CMS will now open the bid window on July 16, 2019,” the agency stated in a bulletin today.

CMS will open the registration window for its bid system, DBidS, and its secure portal, Connexion, on June 10.

Other important dates:

  • Aug. 16: DBidS registration closes
  • Aug. 19: Covered document review date for bidders to upload financial documents in Connexion
  • Sept. 18: Bid window closes
  • Fall 2019: Preliminary bid evaluation notification
  • Summer 2020: CMS announces single payment amounts and begins contracting process
  • Fall 2020: CMS announces contract suppliers
  • Jan. 1: Round 2021 contracts and prices go into effect

CMS encourages bidders to take advantage of the additional time to prepare, including by participating in three upcoming webcasts on bid surety bonds and lead-item pricing (May 14), preparing and submitting financial documents (May 21), and registering and submitting a bid (May 28).