ZOLL partners with CAIRE for vent-POC package

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

CHELMSFORD, Mass. - ZOLL Medical has exclusive rights to distribute CAIRE’s SAROS 4000 portable oxygen concentrator in all markets outside of the U.S. in combination with its EMV+ ventilator. By combining SAROS with the EMV+, remote medics will be able to deliver oxygen-enriched critical care ventilation and oxygenation therapy without the use of oxygen cylinders, which present refilling and logistical challenges, and are a hazardous threat in armed conflicts, the companies say. “The logistical burden of exchanging empty oxygen cylinders in the field presents considerable challenges for militaries, including the risk of explosion and the need for aircraft and personnel to transport cylinders to and from the field,” said Elijah White, president of ZOLL Resuscitation. “This is a game-changing advancement.”