SECO USA to donate vents to underserved Black communities

Thursday, July 2, 2020

ROCKVILLE, Md. – SECO USA will donate several new ventilators to hospitals in Black communities. Biorespira Pulmonary Ventilators are non-invasive pulmonary ventilators that deliver oxygen to patients with difficulty breathing in a closed loop system and are easily operated by nurses and in-home care providers. By prioritizing the donation of Biorespira Pulmonary Ventilators to facilities in Black communities, SECO USA hopes to reach people who too often have to wait for the most effective health care in times of crisis. “At SECO USA, we feel it is vital to make the life-saving capabilities of Biorespira available to people in Black communities in the United States,” said Greg Nicoloso, CEO for SECO USA. “SECO USA has partnered with IBD to bring the Biorespira Pulmonary Ventilator to the U.S. market—our goal with this donation program is to deliver this vital capability to under-resourced hotspots in time to reduce deaths from COVID-19.”