HomesRenewed pushes for tax incentives for aging in place

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

WASHINGTON – The HomesRenewed Coalition is calling on the 117th Congress to include tax and other incentives in legislation in 2021 to allow Americans to upgrade their homes for safety and to meet changing needs, as well as to help the economy with construction jobs. “This is a quickly moving group effort bringing together builders and remodelers, manufacturers and distributors, as well as health care providers to ensure that our aging population’s housing needs are understood and addressed in upcoming legislation,” said Louis Tenenbaum, founder and CEO of HomesRenewed Coalition. “Research shows that 80% of Americans want to age in place. This is the perfect story: COVID-19 laid bare the dangers of living in long-term group care facilities; jobs are needed; and health care costs are going through the roof. But safe and appropriate housing just isn’t available today. We need government incentives to drive consumers to upgrade their homes now.” HomesRenewed Coalition is mobilizing the leaders of the home renovation, home care, technology and other segments serving older Americans. Major supports of the campaign include VGM Live at Home, Lifewise Clinical Home Modifications, Accessible Systems, HandyPro, Age Safe America and Legal Eagle Contractors.