Are you commonly owned or controlled?

Friday, March 29, 2019

WASHINGTON – The CBIC on March 26 asked providers to review their enrollment record in preparation for Round 2021 of national competitive bidding. Specifically, the CBIC asked providers to review if they are commonly owned (one or more providers has an ownership interest totaling at least 5% in the others) and/or commonly controlled (one or more providers are also an officer, director or partner of another provider). Commonly owned and/or commonly controlled providers are prohibited from competing against themselves when submitting bids in the same competitive bidding area and product category combination, the CBIC says. Therefore, if you are a commonly owned and/or commonly controlled provider when registration opens, you must register one time with one Provider Transaction Access Number (PTAN), designating it your primary location in the bid system, it says. When the bid window opens, you must submit one bid that includes all commonly owned and/or commonly controlled locations that would furnish the lead item and all non-lead items in the same competition, the CBIC says.