ACHC merges with HFAP

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

CARY, N.C. - The Accreditation Commission for Health Care and the Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program are merging to form a single company. HFAP will operate as a branch within ACHC and, collectively, the organization will be known as ACHC. “Together, the combined services of ACHC and HFAP open possibilities for health care providers, affording them more choices and greater ease in meeting the accreditation and certification needs of their organizations,” said Jose Domingos, president and CEO of ACHC. It’s the first time two accrediting organizations with deeming authority from CMS have merged. The two organizations believe the merger streamlines accreditation and certification services for health care providers with multiple survey needs. ACHC has CMS deeming authority for home health, hospice, renal dialysis, home infusion therapy and DMEPOS; HFAP has it for hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers, clinical laboratories and critical access hospitals. The merger will not affect the accreditation cycles for either ACHC or HFAP customers. ACHC staff will remain in Cary, N.C. HFAP staff are based in either Chicago or Cary.