Jan Erickson, president Janska

Topic: Need cash? Consider comfort clothing



Really? Would you buy products from Invacare or Pride Mobility if they themselves offered their products on their own website to the public. Would you want to compete against a manufacturer selling their own product.

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to this comment. Our retail web business is less very small (less than 4%) and we do not discount below our MSRP. Purchasing clothing is very personal--customers like to try things on, touch and feel, which is why having a knowledgeable and interested staff who can serve customers who are already in your store, could be an opportunity for cash sales that are currently being missed. 80+% of sales decisions are made at the point of sale. Janska offers point

Janska offers professional graphics for your web site, catalogs, postcards, training support as well Where to Buy listing on web site with your store location, map and contact information. We want you to be successful in offering Janska because partnering it is the only way we can achieve our goal of comforting millions of people every day with Janska. I would love the opportunity to personally ciscuss your concerns and hear suggestions.