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Accessible Home Improvement of America

Tax credit could be boon for home modifications


The home medical equipment industry is poised to benefit from the “aging in place” movement, especially on the home modification front.

Making the case


On potential need

“We’re going to have 8.3 million people over 80 in 2030,” said Jim Greatorex, vice president of Accessible Home Improvement of America, a division of the VGM Group, “and we have homes for less than half of them that they can be safe in and live in and thrive in in their senior years.”

Group sets off movement for home modifications


WASHINGTON – A bill in the House of Representatives that would give seniors a $30,000 tax credit for modifying their homes to help them age in place now has some firepower behind it.

Take home mods by the reins


WATERLOO, Iowa – Look for an amped up presence from The VGM Group’s Accessible Home Improvement of America in 2017.

Veterans Mobility Safety Act clears another hurdle


WASHINGTON – Both the Senate and House of Representatives have now passed a version of the Veterans Mobility Safety Act, the VGM Group reported on Nov. 22.

Home accessibility presents dual-edge opportunity


In their quest to increase cash revenues, HME providers are inquiring about home accessibility with increasing frequency, manufacturers say.

'Aging in place' bill introduced


WASHINGTON – Baby boomers looking to make their homes more accessibe could receive a $30,000 tax credit for their troubles.

Market outlook: 'Ticking upward'


When The VGM Group launched Accessible Home Improvement of America six years ago, it was probably ahead of its time, acknowledges Jerry Keiderling.

AHIA brings tech to home mods biz


WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group’s Accessible Home Improvement of America will launch an app for the iPad at Medtrade later this month that will go a long way toward streamlining and standardizing the home modifications business.

AHIA to launch home-mods app


WATERLOO, Iowa – Accessible Home Improvement of America will launch a new app called Live at Home on Oct. 26 at Medtrade.