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Round 2021

Heavy hitters weigh in on non-invasive vents


WASHINGTON – A coalition of patient organizations “implores” HHS and CMS to permanently exclude non-invasive ventilators from the competitive bidding program.

CliffsNotes: How to bid smart


YARMOUTH, Maine – HME providers are swimming in changes surrounding Round 2021, so HME News hopped on the “Bid Smart” webcast last week to hear what would float to the top in a one-hour webcast. Here are some highlights.

Know the ceiling

CMS details bidder capacity


WASHINGTON – CMS will use a bidder’s estimated capacity—or their historic capacity plus their projected increase in capacity—along with their bid amount, to rank bids, reports the coalition behind

Get ready to ‘Bid Smart’


WASHINGTON – The coalition behind will host a “Bid Smart 2019” webcast* on Monday, 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. EST.

CMS details timeline for Round 2021


WASHINGTON – CMS has updated its timeline for Round 2021, including the opening of the bid window on July 16.

What’s new about the DME competitive bidding program? Everything!

Monday, May 6, 2019
By Cara Bachenheimer, Mark J. Higley, Robert Rankin and Dan Starck

Bob Dylan probably didn’t have durable medical equipment (DME) in mind when he sang “The times they are a-Changin.” But that memorable refrain could easily apply to Medicare’s DME competitive bidding program (CBP), which will implement a brand new process for bidding this June.

CMS to hold bid webcasts


WASHINGTON – CMS will host three webcasts to educate providers on the key components of Round 2021. They are: May 14, Bid Surety Bond and Lead Item Pricing; May 21, Preparing and Submitting Financial Documents; and May 28, Registering and Submitting a Bid.

Get your bid bond


One of the many items to check off on the to-do list for HME providers planning to submit bids in Round 2021 of competitive bidding is obtaining $50,000 bid bonds for each CBA in which they plan to submit a bid.

Stakeholders launch bid website


WASHINGTON – A group of HME industry stakeholders has officially launched, a website for providers to learn about the changes in Round 2021 of competitive bidding and to prepare their bids.

Pay attention to bid calculators, say poll respondents


YARMOUTH, Maine – Nearly 80% of the respondents to a recent HME Newspoll say they have used or plan to use new bid calculators developed by industry stakeholders to help them formulate their bids for Round 2021.