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Round 2021

Round 2021: All eyes on CMS

‘We’re beginning to see a surge, and we don’t know what the fall and winter will bring’

WASHINGTON – There’s no crystal ball, but after two meetings with high-level CMS officials in late June, industry stakeholders feel there could be a chance the agency pauses Round 2021 of competitive bidding.

Decline in HME providers strains those that are left

There are fewer providers to serve more patients, amid a pandemic that has increased demand

YARMOUTH, Maine – Medicare’s competitive bidding program has decimated their ranks over the past 10 years and now those HME providers that are left are in the middle of a pandemic and facing Round 2021.

Stakeholders press CMS for delay

They’re also asking lawmakers to apply pressure

WASHINGTON – It’s time to take “one last shot” at getting CMS to delay Round 2021, with the agency scheduled to announce payment amounts this summer, says AAHomecare.

AAHomecare: Time to ‘raise awareness’ on bid delay


WASHINGTON – AAHomecare is urging its members to ask lawmakers to support a one-year delay of Round 2021 of the competitive bidding program.

Legal roundup, COVID edition

A bid program in question, a technology pushed to the forefront

AMARILLO, Texas – With Round 2021 a wild card, health care attorney Jeff Baird is advising his clients to hold off on making any serious financial decisions for as long as possible.

AAHomecare takes short and long view

Delay bid program, assess changed landscape

WASHINGTON – AAHomecare is working with Dobson DaVanzo & Associates to package together the results of a recent survey in another push to delay Round 2021 of competitive bidding.

CMS relents on vents

‘During a public health emergency, why would you reduce capacity when you need it’

WASHINGTON – Getting non-invasive vents dropped from Round 2021 of competitive bidding is a big deal but there’s a case to be made for delaying the entire program, industry stakeholders say.

CMS drops vents from Round 2021


WASHINGTON – CMS has removed non-invasive ventilators from the competitive bidding program.

2019 should make for an interesting 2020

Friday, December 6, 2019

As I was pulling the most read stories for this year, I was struck by the number of stories with unfinished business.

VGM hosts bid eval webcast


WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group’s Mark Higley and Ronda Buhrmester are hosting a webcast on Dec. 11 on the preliminary bid evaluation (PBE) notices that providers received Dec. 3.