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Warranties: Why are we taking it on the chin?


As I am dealing with the 10th warranty issue for power chairs this month, I feel the need to express something that has bothered me for years. I should also add that we are a one location, small company with big dreams, so 10 warranty issues in one month is a lot.

CMS applies ‘logic’ to documentation requirements for repairs

'It's a home run; it's not a grand slam'

WASHINGTON – In the face of mounting pressure from industry stakeholders and advocacy groups, CMS has changed its tune about documentation requirements for wheelchair repairs.

Stakeholders, CMS talk wheelchair repairs


WASHINGTON – When CMS agreed to a meeting to discuss ongoing issues surrounding power mobility device (PMD) repairs, the agency had a rude awakening, industry stakeholders say.

Providers stand ready to fill Roadrunner's shoes


Roadrunner Mobility, which provides power wheelchair repairs through a nationwide network of technicians, is set to close by the end of this year. But its customers won’t be left in the lurch.