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Nunn's Home Medical Equipment: 'We take pride in what we do'


There are many around town who still call the company Nunn's Hospital Supplies because that is how people remember it.
The full-line home medical equipment company goes back 67 years to 1942, when late founder Martin J. Nunn started the venture on a whim. As son-in-law Joe Ryan explains it, Nunn operated a funeral parlor at the time and saw an opportunity for medical equipment when he ordered a dozen wheelchairs from Everest & Jennings. The hospital supply company became just one of Nunn's many enterprises taken over by family members, which included a telephone answering service, ambulance service and school bus transport company.

Developing story on the first-month purchase option

Thursday, July 30, 2009

The rehab industry is working with Senate leaders on an alternative to a provision that would eliminate the first-month purchase option for power wheelchairs, making them 13-month capped rental items.

This could be scary

Monday, June 22, 2009

The California Department of Health Services recently announced a pilot program to contract DME. The department's first target: adult, non-powered wheelchairs, according to Bob Achermann, executive director of the California Association of Medical Product Suppliers (CAMPS).