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Mobility powers up


As the mobility market becomes more technologically advanced and product demand continues to grow with the aging baby boomer generation, the outlook for wheelchair and scooter sales is that it will remain a strong category, offering HME providers a range of opportunities.

OIG pushes monthly rentals for all PMDs


WASHINGTON – Medicare could save millions if it sought legislation to shift from a lump-sum purchase option to a monthly rental payment for all power mobility devices, according to a report from the Office

Taking the AP to task

Monday, April 8, 2013
Tyler Wilson

Editor's note: The following is in response to a recent article written by the Associated Press and picked up by news outlets across the country.

Scooter Store lawsuit: What are the odds?


NEW BRAUNFELS, Texas – If you’re a laid off employee suing The Scooter Store, you may want the company to turn things around, industry attorneys say.

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Scooters ready to ride the HME retail road


For mobility providers looking to enter the HME retail parade, market specialists recommend they march in with both feet and follow the scooters.

Retail seen as key to boosting scooter sales


Scooters fall into a category of their own within the mobility segment--a lifestyle product with a clinical purpose that is available through both insurance and retail channels. Yet while demand has progressively grown in recent years, coverage and funding have slipped, presenting scooter dealers with a dilemma about which sales channel deserves the most focus.

Get a brain! It's morons, not morans


I got a call last month from Mike Kruse, a reporter with the St. Petersburg Times. Turns out a man on a moped crashed into a man driving a power wheelchair. Kruse had all kinds of questions for me: How big is the scooter market? How big is the power chair market? And on and on. I kind of enjoyed it. Usually, I'm the one asking questions so to have the tables turned was fun.

Consumer need drives retail scooter sales


Though consumer spending remains weak in a fragile economic recovery, retail sales for scooters remain  steady due to consistent demand, manufacturers say.

Cy Corgan: Yes, retail sales can grow


Thanks to the shaky economy, consumers are saving more and buying less, but that's no reason for providers to let retail sales fall by the wayside, says retail mobility expert Cy Corgan. With effective marketing, providers can drive traffic to their stores and increase revenue.