Spring has sprung and the stories are blooming


The latest news cycle certainly kicked off with a bang! First, the latest update on the competitive bidding program, which features an aggressive timeline and added certain orthotics and non-invasive vents (vents! I tell ya!).

Then, BioScrip and Option Care dropped a merger into my lap (side note: whenever I am having trouble finding stories I have been known to state: “I need a merger, a bill or a lawsuit.”). It’s been awhile since we had a heady home infusion merger story.

And the mail-order diabetes category is being tweaked so it’s not even up for bidding at the moment. Coincidentally, I had already been poking around (haha, get it?) in the diabetes arena after a few members of a Facebook diabetes group I belong to asked if the gap period meant they could get supplies everywhere. In theory, sure, in reality, not so much, which they had kind of noticed.

Speaking of diabetes, yesterday, Roche filed another lawsuit against yet another company, Alliance Medical Holdings, for insurance fraud involving test strips.

The stories for specialty are writing themselves this month.