Can't shake this topic


I always learn something new at Medtrade. This year, I learned new methods for greeting people without shaking hands, including the fist bump, the elbow tap and the air high five.

This was all in response to me being kind enough to warn everyone—hands up in front of me—that I had acquired a cold during my travels and had no wish to pass it on.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts, I got both of my traveling companions sick and, I assume, the two passengers next to me on the first leg of the flight home from Vegas.

One of the great things about Medtrade, or any of the industry association events, is the opportunity to network and learn from one another, even apart from educational sessions.

We also do this with every month with our HME Newspoll. It’s a way to take the industry’s pulse on any number of issues.

So imagine our collective confusion today when Liz received an email, from a regular reader, who asked if, with our latest poll seeking input about overseas outsourcing, we were being merely inquisitive?

(Well, yes, we are always inquisitive.)

His response to our inquiry? “None of your business.”

He softened this with, “no harm, no foul, is OK.”

No harm taken or intended, Dear Reader. The poll idea came about, not out of the blue, but was gleaned from regular phone conversations with your fellow providers and some conversations on the show floor in Vegas.

I think we will be hearing more about outsourcing in the weeks and months to come.